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Our award-winning and company-specific sales training and leadership development programs can fully enhance the learning experience, employee engagement, and, of course, results.


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The current buyer is online, empowered and engaged in social networking.  They use antispam software, call display, and faceless lobbies to remove sales prospecting noise.  It's time to give your salespeople the knowledge and skills they need to engage today's buyers.

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We know how important it is to ensure there is a good fit between the sales trainer and trainees. That's why we offer your first session absolutely FREE.  

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The Science of Influence 

 - Get prospects to say yes

Inbound Methodology 

- Engage prospects with social selling

Decision Making

 - Navigate group decisions


- Make choices that you can support

Change Management

- Reduce resistance and gain support

Power and Politics 

- Gain the power and get things done

Sales Leadership 

- Motivate and engage your staff

Sales Coaching 

- Create a learning culture 

Although the program has been designed to cover all the material, a salesperson needs to be successful, the "When" the "Where" and the "How" for each training engagement, is different. We customize the training sequences, delivery method, and content to match each particular environment.  

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Ashley provided our management and sales team strategic insight and training that was imperative to our Company’s vision of becoming more customer-centric within the highly competitive residential construction industry. I highly recommend Ashley and Wesley Capital’s services and look forward to his continued help in the future.

Allan R. Tereschyn, President & Owner of GNI Management Group



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A. PARTICIPANTS - Together, we decide on who is going to participate in the training. Typically your best ROI comes from training midlevel performers.

B.EVALUATION - Together, we’ll conduct psychological testing, interviews, and ride-alongs to create a sales report card for each rep. This is a significant step as you don't want to be wasting time or money on the wrong people or focusing on inappropriate skills.



C. PROGRAM DESIGN  -  Together, we develop a custom program outline, focusing on the most pressing issues first.  We set goals by each module, month or quarter.

D. SCHEDULING -  Together, we formalize the training and coaching schedules to accommodate the desires of your sales reps and to meet specifically outlined goals.



E. TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT - Together,  we customize the training modules. We work with you to understand your specific company situation, i.e., competitors, UVP, etc.

F. DELIVERY - Together, we customize the delivery to get the best result from your staff (gamification, experience learning,  action learning, etc.)



G. REPORTING - Together, we create evaluation criteria to meet our specific goals.  Then we readjust the program based on the feedback from the data.

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